Kill the messenger popular with politicians

I try to maintain an even demeanor when discussing “real life” journalism, but my blood boils every time I hear a politician blame his/her problems on a particular news organization or reporter without proof to confirm bias. I call this the “Kill the messenger” syndrome, and it becomes an epidemic every election cycle.

The McCain campaign has taken this externalizing of its campaign problems by blaming the media.  The latest example is the barring of New York Times columnist from McCain’s campaign plane, according to Washington Post columnist Howard Kurtz.

Top McCain aides have also been killing the messenger.  McCain operations manager Steve Schmidt has been calling out The New York Times for unfair treatment of his boss.  And another aide accused CBS anchor of asking vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin “trapdoor questions”

This intellectually dishonest activity only leads to elevation of the so-called class war between conservatives (Republicans) and liberals (Democrats).

There is no honesty in calling the news media — not the talking heads, but the real news reporters — a part of the liberal Eastern establishment.

As we say in the South, that dog won’t hunt.


One thought on “Kill the messenger popular with politicians

  1. I think the reason a lot of politicans blame the media is because they don’t want to admit they’re at fault and because if they blame the other candidate, they are accused of mudslinging. The media is sort of the perfect scapegoat because the media can’t really post an anti-McCain or anti-Obama ad just because they said something the media disagrees with.

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