Static electricity is so unkind

I was sipping a latte in a coffee shop online with free WiFi two days ago working on a couple of posts for this blog.  Unfortunately, the store has carpet and someone brushed by me to get to a nearby table and I received a surprising shock that moved from my arm to my fingers and then to the touchpad of my laptop.


I looked at the blog posts where I had been inserting hypertext links, but the composition blocks were blank. I guess I was tempting fate by working on two posts at the same time without saving either one periodically.

Maybe I should get one of those geeky Static Electricity Eliminators or maybe I should just take more care when I’m working where there’s even the slightest chance I’ll get zinged, like when Buster the cat rubs up against my pants to get my attention.

Or I could just do what I usually do, which is to take a chance, sort of like Ben Franklin checking for lightning with a kite and key….


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