Whet your appetite with NY Times recipes, how-to videos

I love food, and it shows.  I also love to cook and try new recipes and techniques.  I find many of both in the food section and food section archive of The New York Times.

Last week, the Times had a really interesting article on the versatility of rice cookers — you know, those crockpot-looking cookers you see in all the Chinese restaurant buffets.  I had never realized how many different ways a rice cooker could be used.

The article offered several recipes and even had a link with a rice cooker blog. Nice!

The point here is that if you’re looking for foody information, you can’t go wrong by logging onto almost any food site on the Internet, but I just trust the Times to get it right.  And the newspaper has a huge archive of recipes as well as how-to videos by one of my favorite cookbook authors, Mark Bittman, who’s known for keeping cooking simple.  His Times cooking column is called The Minimalist and each of his recipes is accompanied with a short how-to video — at least since the Times began using video online.

As for me, it is time for me to finally take that rice cooker out of the box I bought it in some time back and give it a try….


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